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Interview with dieting legend Rosemary Conley

To coincide with the annual dieting season and the launch of a new book and fitness DVD the London Times have an interview with dieting legend Rosemary Conley.

Despite just turning 60 Rosemary still has the drive work hard and to help others live healthily.

I teach two aerobic classes every week in Leicester. says Rosemary. Some of my ladies have been coming to me for 25 years. Then Ill do another workout during the week. The rest of the time Im just chasing about being busy.

She has also just released her 28th slimming book and the second in her Gi Jeans series: Ultimate Gi Jeans Diet.

I have just had a five-year break. I came back to respond to the GI diet phenomenon with my own version, the Gi Jeans Diet. Whether Ill manage another 20 books, I dont know.

Rosemary also admitted that despite being a fitness guru she find it hard to run.

After a couple of hundred metres Id struggle to get my breath. she confesses. Its partly because I have asthma, partly because Im not used to it. I could train to run better but I dont want to. I dont like running. But with the help of medication these difficulties don't stop pushing others in aerobics classes.

And as many return to work after the Christmas holiday Rosemary has some no nonsense advise for healthy eating: Stay away from the vending machine. Eat a proper breakfast, and if you get peckish mid-morning have a kiwi fruit or a small apple.

You can read the full interview on the Times Online website.

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