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Australian poll reveals GI diet confusion

A recent Newspoll survey underlined the popularity of the GI diet in Australia with seven in ten believing they should pick foods based on their GI (glycemic index) rating. However most did not know that they should eat low GI foods instead of high GI foods.

1,200 Australians were asked about their dieting habits, plans and their understanding of dieting principles. One in three women surveyed said they would be trying to diet over the Christmas holiday period. Despite this many health experts are concerned that for most diet plan consist of vague concepts such as avoiding carbohydrates in the evening.

The New Zealand Herald quotes nutritionist Karen Inge: "Results from this national survey should sound a warning bell for Australian health authorities. If people are confused about the basics of a nutritious diet, and believe cutting carbohydrates from their daily intake is a healthy option, they're going to have trouble when it comes to choosing the right foods for themselves and their family."

The poll shows that health education is making an impact in Australia but also shows there is an ongoing need for present information in a clear way so as to avoid misconceptions.

To learn more about the glycemic index visit our foods list page.

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