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Soy French Toast with Peaches

This recipe is an ideal use for stale bread and because most of the work is done advance it provides a quick hot breakfast.  
  Nutritional Information
(per serving)
Calories: 340
Protein: 21g
Fat: 8g
- Saturated: 1g
- Cholesterol: 186mg
Carbohydrate: 51g
- Sugars: 16g
Fiber: 8g
Sodium: 490mg

Couscous Salad  


(Serves 2)
4 slices whole-wheat/wholemeal bread
2 egg
100ml/¼cup soy milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence (extract)
1 flat teaspoon cinnamon
200g canned peaches in fruit juice


Cut the bread into ¾ inch slices and remove the crusts.
  Step 1


Step 2  
Mix all other ingredients except the peaches in a bowl and whisk with a fork. Dip the bread into the mixture and gently soak both sides, the mixture should be almost gone after dipping the forth piece.


Cut the edges of a freezer bag (or any thick plasic food bag) to form 2 sheets of plastic. Place the bread on the plastic sheets and wrap them around the bread this allows each slice to be removed from the freezer one at a time. Put in a sealed freezer bag and freeze over night.

When you are ready to eat the toast, place the bread under a hot grill for 3 minutes on each side and serve with peaches.

  Step 3
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